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At Makeitup , we believe that dressing up is a form of magic . It is not just putting on a piece of clothing and looking good - but it's a form of expression of one self. It's an another way to feel confidence in your own style and comfort .

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world , Especially today , when human contacts are so quick.

It stands for the worth of your time, money and expectations.

" Fashion Is An Instant Language "


Vineeta Tiwari

19 year old , ” Vineeta Tiwari ” . A girl with big dreams and an introvert , who is passionate about dancing and modelling . Currently , I’m  pursuing BBA ( Hons 
) , and here I’m starting my buisness with you all .

From my childhood , I was very unexpressive , underconfident and shy as a person . I was not that good  at  studies , specially math’s  . That’s what i hated the  most .  But here’s come a turning phase , when I didn’t scored well in my  boards in math’s . My  cousin’s and  my own brother was good at studies and they scored well and here the comparison begin . Due to this i was trolled for a long time and taunts are continued till now . I was told  by my  relatives that I can’t achieve  anything and no one is gonna like me, cause i don’t have the ability to compete them.

With the time , many things  happened and  here comes the worst turn i feel , when I went into  depression and started having anxiety . It was  straight for about two years and  still now , I deal with anxiety . This phase of mine had left an bad impact in me , my health and completely changed me as a person and till now I’m  figuring out the ways to deal with it. 

I never loosed hope in me , and  kept trying to be better and good for  myself . I’ve got that  strength and confidence on  the  stage of me being as a model . That stage  gave me a lot learning and confidence , and helped to loose my stage fear . 

I feel failures are the best gift to learn and get back with more energy and abilities . My vision is to make my parents proud and this is just a new journey towards that thought.  

In this  phase of  mine , I’ve learned to be independent and kind and self – loving . So here’s the beginning of  new chapter with you’ all  and I’m just so overwhelmed  that my brother and my parents supported me in  this . 

                                                                                     KINDNESS – INDEPENDENCE 

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